Find Your Spa

Tis the time of the year! When everyone gets the luxury of giving themselves a pat on the back for a job well done during the busy season. No matter what you do or no matter how hard you have worked your entire life, you should make an effort to reward yourself- be it a day in the spa, a day of movie marathon with family or friends, or even just by relaxing and basking on a serene beach. Every summer, my family and I would seek out something unique to do or places to go. We love to travel and explore everything and anything possible!
This year, Modesto was in the big picture of our plan. When we first arrived at one of the spas in Modesto, we were thrilled. The place was very clean and tranquil. Jazz music was softly surrounding the air and the scent of eucalyptus was slowly calming our senses. My girls were then very excited for their spa treatment. We were then entertained by one of their front liners and she was very friendly and courteous in assessing our needs. She enumerated the services that they have and explained to us, one by one, on what are the benefits of the treatments. Aside from the variety of services they offer, the place also have treatment packages available to choose from. This made it easier for us to choose since the package would include everything that we need pampering, from head to toe!
The hot tub experience was the icing on the cake! So good, that we decided to purchase a hot tub (with the consent of my husband, who will be paying, of course!) The dealer was very accommodating in showing us around the place for us to choose the right hot tub. She was very polite in answering our questions and she was very gracious in giving us important details regarding the tubs. I can tell that she knows a lot about the tubs! There are a lot of tubs available, with different designs and features. Again, my kids were swayed by the fact that we will be getting one for our house. We had our tour or tub shopping for half an hour before we decided on what to get. Finally, we found the tub that has the right size that comes along with the right price.
All in all, our visit to spas in Modesto was a one of a kind experience. The place is worth visiting and we will come back for more!