The Perfect Spa

It was on one of those family dinners where I invited a friend to a grab a bite and have a little chit chat. He and his wife cleared their schedules for the dinner. After pleasantries, we started talking. It was one of the weirdest talks I have engaged in but it was so informative about what is best out there. That friend of mine kept on talking and questioning us (my wife and I) about our hot tub experiences.

It all started with a series of questions. “How good do you enjoy your hot tub experiences? Does your hot tub or spa ensure you have a hydrotherapy session you won’t forget? Did you purchase your hot tub from the best dealer in the country? Is your hot tub or spa environmental friendly? ….” I had to cut in when his series of questions seemed endless. “What is this all about?” I asked. That is when the real story started.

He told that his wife and he were tired of purchasing hot tubs that always let them down, consumed a lot of energy, which did not offer an experience of a lifetime. He admitted that he was jealous when he heard other couples talk sensually about their hot tub experiences. He decided to venture into researching so that he could find the best dealer out there in this wide market. He felt that deciding whom to buy from was a great deal as choosing which hot tub to buy. He found a lot of companies he could trust but he started short listing down his list according to his taste and preferences. He informed us that to him, having that one dealer was so important because owning a spa or a hot tub meant building a long-term relationship with the dealer and manufacturer as well.

After the short listing, he was only left with one dealer; Spa doctor Modesto. After mentioning this, I remembered that it was listed among the oldest hot tub and hot spring spa dealers in the state. He continued telling that this company delivered goods that were not only of high quality but also environment friendly. He said that the hot tub he purchased from this dealer was easy to maintain and had long term durability.

At this point, I was almost a hundred percent convinced to change my hot tub. But due to benefit of doubt I had to ask what makes this company different from the rest. He did not mumble, stammer or stutter to look for words to say, he just smiled and said that the spas and hot tubs that this company provides have world class design and engineering which ensures effective reliable components, water care and clean water each time you use your hot tub.

Before this talk even ended, I had already made my mind to visit their website and purchase one for myself.